Power Quality & Harmonics

Modern plants & commercial premises deal with large number of non-linear loads such as IT systems, Frequency Converters and even the modern day lighting systems. These non-linear loads introduce harmonics more commonly of 3rd, 9th, 21st, 25th and 50th order. This impairs the power quality significantly resulting in penalties from Power Distribution companies. Harmonic pollution has a series of negative effects on power quality, including:

  • problems for connected loads due to the poor grid power quality;

  • high current in the neutral conductor, as the harmonic currents of the 3rd, 9th, 15th, and 21st order etc. are accumulative and lead to inadmissibly high currents;

  • phase-asymmetry (specifically when operating single-phase switch-mode power supplies) which introduce additional harmonics.

Our TrueSign Active Harmonics Filter helps you mitigate harmonic problems comprehensively. With our Portable & Panel Load Managers, you can measure and analyse harmonics. We also perform Power Quality & Harmonics audits helping decide right configuration of filtering solution for optimum results.

Click here to download comprehensive Product Data sheet for Active Harmonic Filters.

The key benefits that you would get by installing TruSine AHF are:

  • Avoid penalties from EB

  • Avoid machinery failures

  • Minimise tripping of switchgear

  • Increase Transformer & DG utilisation factors

  • Reduce Cable losses and failures

  • Avoid Capacitor Bank failures

  • Improve PF thereby reducing Demand

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