Energy Management & Metering

Does your Energy Consumption hurt you? With cost of electrical energy going up every passing day you will have an obviously easy answer for this question. Per capita demand of electrical energy in India is rising at exponentially high rate.

Oil prices are sky-rocketing resulting in the conventional thermal generators proving to be costly proposition. Alternative sources of energy are coming in at slow pace and at prohibitively high initial costs although that is the future we have to look up to in order to save companies and economies from bleeding and save environment from further degrading.

Genuine Automation has worked on the problem since 2009 by introducing series of Energy Management products in our portfolio. This has enhanced in the last eight years significantly due to technology advantages brought by IoT and Cloud computing.

Our EMS solution helps arrest your energy consumption by way of multitude of options we have for you. We setup networked metering system consisting of top quality Energy Meters communicating with wide range of Cloud Gateways. Based on the energy consumption patterns, we offer energy saving solutions entirely Engineered to compliment the installation setup and your budget. Environmental and economic factors are the main reasons why you should consider our Energy Management Solutions.

Our TruSine Active Harmonics Filter helps you mitigate your harmonic problems comprehensively. With Portable & Panel Load Managers you can measure and analyse harmonics. With our EMS System, you can integrate the AHF with the software and generate reports on harmonics.

What’s on Offer?

  • SCADA compatible Energy Data Logging System.

  • Energy Data Analytics

  • Portable & Panel Energy Meters (Visit product website¬†here)

  • Energy Saving Soft Starts

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