A leading manufacturer of Milk and Milk products have very large manufacturing unit situated near Pune. This unit needed million gallons of water per day and they have 4 pumps situated outside the factory for water supply & those pumps are situated at very long distance from factory.


As milk products needs lots of water so whenever they need a water for factory use they need to go at pumps location every time to ON/OFF the pumps. Second problem is they have total 4 pumps situated at different distant locations and each pump have flow meter with 4-20mA analog o/p to measure water flow & also their total amount of water i.e. how much quantity of water they need per day is fixed for example they need 2 million liter water per day then they don’t have automatic control to off those pumps and also they don’t have extra storage tanks to store that extra water so they need automatic control for above two problems.


Considering above two problems we have offered them Remote Control Automatic ON/OFF for pumps by using PLC with GPRS/GSM interface and GSM Starters. In this solution we have used Phoenix make PLC with GPRS/GSM interface, 4 channel analog input card and GSM starters.

We process 4-20mA analog outputs from 4 flow meters and these outputs goes to PLC’s analog card as inputs and as their total quantity of water per day is fixed so we set that value in PLC.

This PLC has GPRS/GSM facility so we put one SIM card in PLC so that we can send ON/OFF signal to GSM starters. We have connected one GSM starter to each pump for control and safety.

So whenever their total amount of water comes in factory through 4 flow meters and that set value is reached, PLC will generate 4 signals in the form of text messages to switch off those pumps which are situated at 4 different locations as command and therefore they can control their 4 pumps automatically by using this solution.