Safety Control Systems

Operator Safety is at the top of our mind when we select any product to be added to our product profile. Our line of Safety Control Products are selected based on risk levels encountered by industrial operators. The industrial operations such as heavy duty mechanical press machines, Petroleum Storage Containers & Transportation vehicles present highest safety risk to the operators. We have following lineup of products to counter these safety risks.

Optical Safety Curtains for Press Machine Safety

Industrial processes such as heavy duty metal press operation involves critical safety hazard. Typical accidents have resulted in operators losing hands, fingers and some accidents have been fatal. Operator safety during such operations involves careful selection of sensors and safety controllers depending upon other process variants in the plant.It is not only about installing any optical curtain and matching relay device. We offer two broad types of optical Safety Curtains to counter this problem;

  • Type 2 Safety Curtain (Hand & Body detection)

  • Type 4 Safety Curtain (Finger, Hand & Body detection)

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Earthing Relay Units for Petroleum storage & transportation vehicles

The process of filling inflammable liquids for transportation or storage involves huge safety hazard if the vehicle or the storage tanker are not earthed. An un-earthed tanker can potentially lead to explosion when an operator touches the vehicle. We have three products to de-risk this process. The Earthing Relay Units provide complete assurance of a true and correct earthing for maximum safety in all loading operations involving tank trucks, rail cars, aircraft refuel units.

With CCoE approval, we provide true, certified product for the critical safety process for installation in India;

  • Resistive Earth Relay Unit (ERU)

  • Resistive Earthing Unit (ELMRU)

  • Capacitive Smart Earthing Relay (ELMCRU)

Refer the product data sheet for details & selection of right configuration for your application here Datasheet-Earthing Relay Unit.

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