Transformer Condition Monitoring

Distribution & Power transformers are the workhorse of power distribution networks. Today’s Electrical designer has had the rules of transformer design & maintenance, thrown out of the window, by the explosion of harmonic producing loads in the workplace.¬†

The kVA rating of transformers used to depend on one factor: load. Assumptions used to be made on other variables such as waveform, operating temperature, PF, load balance etc. Couple of such variables, with the calculated load versus actual load, and the probability of an overloaded transformer failing, was relatively low. It is not the case today.

Distribution transformers today are subject stresses beyond design margins, often used by the transformer designers. Simple derating technics are not helping. It is in this light, that we have introduced a solution called Transformer Condition Monitoring.

Our solution consists of high accuracy Power Meter to monitor transformer loading conditions, including harmonics, round the clock. It also includes sensors to monitor oil level, oil temperature & optionally, even the winding temperature. These parameters are transmitted to the cloud server through our propritary gateway.

The powerful TCM software, which resides on AWS server, monitors the critical electrical loading and physical parameters in real time. The user gets secure login to the respective geographically located transformer data.

Alarms are generated at pre-programmed conditions. These alarms provide the facility managers, a smart overview of likely failure before it occurs.

Our solution covers:

  • Power & Distribution Transformer Metering
  • Monitor and provide alarm for low transformer oil level
  • Monitor transformer winding temperature
  • Monitor and provide alarm for high oil or transformer winding temperature
  • Provide alarm on transformer phase failure
  • Reduce distribution losses

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